ANBI in English

Today ANBI is a reference point for biotechnologists and the biotechnology sector in Italy because its priority is the defence of the professional features of the biotechnologist. This strong identity shines through every single activity: from our magazine Prometeus to the code of Conduct, from institutional initiatives to the creation of scientific groups which act as respectable and available speakers in the conversation between science and society.

Identity to ANBI means being an instrument for aggregation but also a place for dialogue for anyone involved with the biotech sector in Italy and in Europe.

ANBI: A source of information

ANBI was established as an open meeting space for biotechnologists, to share and enhance professional choices and common experiences, aiming at the creation of a network of professionals united by the choice of expanding their daily horizon to both Italy and Europe.

To achieve this goal, ANBI developed a series of key services in order to facilitate the exchange of information with members and stakeholders in addition to providing professional updates and help in finding solutions to professional issues.

  • A website in constant evolution, interactive and updated in real time, which biotechnologists can utilize to strengthen their own sense of community, and to obtain useful information in an easy and participated way.
  • Social network presence (Facebook, LinkedIn e Twitter) to facilitate the exchange of information within the ANBI community.
  • The webzine Prometeus – ANBI Magazine that from its inception, in 2004, has had as its primary goal the scientific dissemination of biotechnology and the related technological development.
  • Investigations on the occupational status, in order to continuously monitor the status of the profession and available opportunities or the opportunities that we need to open for our country. This is an important source of objective data upon which to establish a serious conversation with the institutions.

ANBI: Lifelong learning

Information and learning, in an advanced field such as biotech research, are intertwined and support the key element of the Association: career development and valorisation for our members. In biotech, keeping up-to-date is essential, as well as one of the requirements for aspiring to excellence. To this purpose, ANBI created an innovative program for the professional updating of members, acting as a key mediator between the needs of professionals in the field and the requirements posed by the job market.

The Association periodically organises free workshops on subjects that members consider being of major scientific relevance and negotiates discounted rates for the participation of members to events and courses organised by other entities (link). Lifelong learning is one of the requirements necessary for being included in the Registry of Biotechnologists.

ANBI: A support system for biotechnologists

Being together means above all highlighting the value of a varied array of experiences in order to put them to the service of the community.

This is why the Association has created a specific structure with the goal of collecting our members’ experiences in answering public job calls and participating to the selection process in private industry or research institutes. The Association supports members by sharing the competencies developed in almost a decade of activity and by certifying their skills through the Registry.

ANBI is aware of the fact that solving the problem of professional recognition will not be enough to eliminate all issues for Italian biotechnologists.

Italy deals with a strong need to strengthen the relationship between Academia and the industry world. Biotech is no exception and if we intend to give a future to all the professionals that our University prepares each and every year, it is necessary to promote the growth of the entire sector in terms of job opportunities and number of entities present on our territory.

The Registry of Italian Biotechnologists, the BiotechJob platform, which has the goal of making the job supply and demand meet, and the agreements with centres for innovation and technology transfer are some of the tools that ANBI has set up to accelerate the growth and development of the biotech sector.

The importance the Association gives to the career development and valorisation of biotechnologists is particularly important especially when considering the numerous partnerships activated over the years.

Thanks to the collaboration with Assobiotec, Farmindustria, the main Science and Technology Parks and biotech industries, in 2011 the Association re-launched Biotech Job 2.0.

BiotechJob 2.0 is a job-matching platform that not only allows for job supply and demand to meet, but also makes it possible for the profiles selected to grow and improve based on tips and advice dispensed by human resource experts in dedicated lifelong learning events.